Dramatised audio-guides of the Asland Cement Museum in Castellar de N’hug

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Asland Cement Museum, Castellar de N’hug

  • Audioguies dramatitzades del museu del ciment Asland de Castellar de N'hug 0

An audio-guided and dramatised tour of the remains of a spectacular factory complex

The Asland Cement Factory, located in Clot del Moro, in the Castellar de N’hug municipality, was closed thirty years ago. The remains that are visible today still show the very spectacular elements of one of the most incredible factory complexes in Catalan industrialisation, set in a unique natural environment.

The factory has been turned into the Asland Cement Museum via an interpretation centre and an outdoor route through the industrial ruins of the factory. Transversal developed an audio-guided and dramatised tour which helps visitors to understand their journey through the factory’s remains.