Communication campaign "History worthy of Hollywood"

Caixa Manresa / Món Sant Benet


Món Sant Benet

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Multi-channel campaign with cinematographic touches to attract visitors to Món Sant Benet

Grup Transversal created a multi-channel advertising campaign to promote Món Sant Benet as a means of attracting cultural tourism. The campaign consisted of the creation of the image, design of the communication channels and media management.

The leitmotif revolved around the slogan "History worthy of Hollywood", using the content of visits to Sant Benet as an argument (Thousand years of history of a monastery, etc.) to support a discourse that invited the public to "star" in a unique experience, a history worthy of Hollywood. Graphically, the most spectacular images were shown from visits to Món Sant Benet, using very powerful audiovisual resources and accompanied by graphic elements reminiscent of the world of cinema.