Coal and dinosaurs

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Learn about the exciting discovery of valuable dinosaur traces in a coal mine

The exhibition “Coal and Dinosaurs” explains the relationship between these extinct species and the formation of the lignite known as the coal of Berguedà.

The topic to be explained is complex so that, to illustrate the concepts and in addition to the informative display and a collection of fossils, two audiovisual presentations were created, projected in their entirety in the exhibition. One of them explains the open-air coal extraction work that allowed for the discovery of one of the sites of the most important dinosaur remains in Europe, in Fumanya, which was declared Cultural Asset of National Interest by the Catalan Government in 2005. The second explains the formation of the Earth and life in the era of dinosaurs. Both audiovisual presentations were generated by 3D techniques and high-definition digital illustrations, and they were made with the advice of palaeontologists working at the site.