Agricultural Tool Museum

Caixa de Sabadell


Masia Can Deu (Sabadell)

  • Museu d'eines del camp 0

An effective, thorough museum to understand everyday life at a traditional farmhouse

The aim of the Agricultural Tool Museum project is to renew the existing exhibition using a new thorough, educational exhibition. The farmhouse or "masia" of Can Deu already had an exhibition of agricultural tools that had become quite outdated.

Transversal's renovation proposes, on the one hand, to give the new set-up a thorough and at the same time educational discourse that explains how people worked at a traditional farmhouse; and, on the other, to provide an attractive design in keeping with the farmhouse.

The exhibition is structured in line with the main cycles in Mediterranean agriculture: wheat, oil, vines, plus the woods and transport. The set-up is based on a script which explains, step by step, the different jobs using an efficient combination of three elements: informative panels, exhibited tools and various videos showing how people used to work. The effectiveness and thoroughness of the project is based on a good script and important image research work.